Southern 3D Archery Circuit

The Southern 3D Archery Circuit is an association of 3D archery clubs in the Piedmont area of North and South Carolina.  The purpose of the circuit is to promote the sport of archery by providing a fun, safe, and competitive shooting environment for archers of all ages and skill levels. The circuit is comprised of 7 member archery clubs.  ITBC will post links to scores for each event (when available) in the calendar entry for a given event.  Click on the appropriate date on the calendar on the right side of this page.  If scores are available a link will be provided.

Big Oak Archery Club

Hig Rock Rd.
Gold Hill, N.C.

Robin Hood Archery
3870 Homestead Rd.
Rock Hill, SC

Fort Mill Bowhunters

Williams Rd.

Fort Mill, S.C.

Indian Trail Bow Club

6418 Morgan Academy Rd.

Monroe, NC

Lakeview Archery Club

Chester State Park

Chester S.C.

Mecklenburg Wildlife Club

2301 Wildlife Rd
Charlotte, N.C

Greenway Archery
Anne Springs Close Greenway
Hwy 21 bypass
Fort Mill, SC

Click on the interactive calendar for each date to see a link to scores after each event (if available)

    Additional Information
    Hours: All shoots are open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM after daylight savings time and 5:00 pm prior to daylight savings time. Presentation of awards to follow each shoot (must be present to win, no trophies will be held)
    Fees: All other individuals: $10, 16 and younger shoot free.
    Targets: Each event will use 20 targets.  These are rubberized 3D targets depicting various animals.  The scoring areas are clearly marked on the animal.

    Classes , stake color & Max yardage

    • OUTLAW MONEY CLASS (White)  45 yds
    • MEN’S OPEN (White)  45 yds
    • MEN’S UNLIMITED (White)  45 yds
    • MEN’S HUNTER (Orange) 40 yds
    • MEN’S TRADITIONAL (Blue) 25 yds
    • WOMEN’S OPEN  (Red) 40 yds
    • YOUNG ADULT (15-17 YRS.)  (Red) 40 yds
    • YOUTH (12-14 YRS.) (Blue) 25 yds
    • CUBS (9-11 YRS.)  (Yellow) 15 yds
    • PEEWEE’S (UP TO 8 YRS)  (Green) 10 yds
    • WOMEN’S HUNTER (Orange) 40 yds
    • MEN’S SENIOR OPEN (White)  45 yds
    • WOMEN’S TRADITIONAL (Blue) 25 yds
    • YOUTH TRADITIONAL (Blue) 25 yds
    • FUN CLASS Shoot from anywhere SAFE. No score counted, just for fun.
    • KNOWN DISTANCE (yardage posted at specific spot)


    • Each shooter must mark scores on 2 cards (provided at registration)
    • Shooters must shoot in a group of at least 3 paid shooters which provides 2 others for score verification
    • Note the color code associated with your class.  There will be a corresponding colored stake at each target.  You must shoot with one foot touching this stake.  For example, if you are shooting in the hunter class then your foot must be touching the orange stake at each target
    • The center ring is worth 12 points, the next larger ring is 10 pts, shots within the ‘vitals’ are 8 pts and any other shot placement on the animal is awarded 5 pts.  A miss or shot that does not remain in the target is worth 0 pts.
    • At the end of the round you and another shooter must count your score and both must sign the card.  The card is then submitted to the registration desk.
    • Score cards must be turned in by 6:00 PM the day of the event, or 5:00 pm prior to daylight savings time.
    • Any scoring questions or discrepancies should be directed to the registration desk